Arduino + iPhone

Hi forum,

I’m relatively new to Arduino, but I’m trying to create an iPhone application which can read accelerometer data sent via bluetooth from the arduino as part of a University assignment. There are a lot of other aspects to it, but the main issue for me at the moment, is just figuring out how i can even just send a simple message from my ArduinoBT and get my iPhone app to receive it. Do I need to jailbreak my iPhone?

Any suggestions/links at all would be much appreciated.


Short answer: Yes, you need to jail break your iPhone in order to run un-signed code (a.k.a. apps you didn't download from the "App-Store").

If you're serious about working with the iOS platform, you can also pay the developer subscription, and sign your code to run on the iPhone.

I couldn't tell you how the bluetooth interface on the arduino works, but the Apple Developer documentation describes in pretty good detail how to read data from the iPhone's bluetooth module.

Yeah sorry I realise my questions was quite vague, I wrote it as I was running out the door to go somewhere.

At this point I have an ArduinoBT which is hooked up to an accelerometer which seems to be working fine and an LCD display. I’m using the accelerometer for simple gesture tracking. When a gesture is recognised I’m looking to get the Arduino to send a message to my iPhone to tell it what kinda of gesture was recognised.

On the iPhone side of things, I have a basic app which can send and display twitter messages using the MGTwitter engine. When a gesture is recognised the iPhone will retrieve the current location, in the form of a place name or address, potentially identify the friends you’re with, structure this into a Twitter message which will get sent back to Arduino to be shown on the LCD display. The use can then choose to post this message on Twitter, or decline sending it, by pressing a button connected to the Arduino.

Essentially the project allows for gesture-triggered or assisted Tweeting, taking you away from purely screen-based interaction. There is a little bit more to it, but that the essence of the project. The main hurdle I’m trying to get over at the moment is just sending messages to and from the devices using bluetooth. My iPhone is hooked up with a developer account and provisioning profile, but I have no problem jailbreaking if need be.

I found this page (next post), which appears to be what I am looking for, at least to my understanding. Can anyone confirm this? Sorry as I said I’m fairly new to iPhone, Arduino and BT, so there are a lot of things which are a little hazy in my mind.

Thanks for the feedback so far and sorry for the ambiguous nature of my initial question.

To add to this, the app I already have running on my iPhone can identify and communicate with my iPad - and other Apple devices, but it doesn't identify my arduinoBT when it scans for BT devices.

I used iPhone's GameKit framework to scan for pairable devices, is there another, better iPhone BT framework?