Arduino + iPhone

Hi, I want to control my project through an iPhone. I am thinking about using the following guide to do it. It says it's not confirmed its support for iOS 5 which I have but I think the guide hasn't been updated in a while.

In the product's page says its compatible with 4.3 or later

Do you think it will work with iOS 5? Also, if you know an alternative to this, I'd appreciate it, it's quite expensive.

You could try one of these: How do you plan to implement your controller?

Why not use the iPhone browser and WiFly shield? You don't even need a router in Adhoc mode. I was doing it over ethernet, but not for much longer.

I have one of those cables. Works fine with iOS 5.0 and 5.1.

I think my question has been answered. I'll probably buy it, It has to be done before next month and I don't have time to try the other options. Thanks for replying!