Arduino IRRemote Library atmega8

Hi, I've been trying to use the IRRemote library( ) of arduino on an atmega8 but when i try to compile i get errors like this

error: ‘TCCR2A’ was not declared in this scope

I realize this is cause the library was built for atmega168 or 328. Is there a way i can tweak the library for it to work with atmega8.Or is there any other similar IR remote library i can use with arduino.Basically all i want to do is interface a TSOP1738 ( IR Receiver ) with an arduino and the library should give me different outputs for different buttons pressed on the remote so i can differentiate between the different buttons in the remote and accordingly perform certain actions. Thanks..

anybody ? :)


I face the same problem too... It is because that Atmega 8 has only 3 PWM pins..

And the IRremote.h file uses many other PWM pins of the Atmega328/128/88 as they have 6 PWM outputs..

Even I am looking for a way to make the IR remote work in the Atmega8 without using the IRremote library.. If you have found any solution to it, please guide me too..

hey, take a look at this site , it helped me a lot..

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