Arduino is at the post office!

My arduino,breadboard,wires and servo are at the post office. Along with my fathers arduino stuff he ordered. Its in his name so he has to pick it up. I have already written my first test sketch. its a hello world serial sketch.

void setup() {



void loop()

{ Serial.println("Hello World!"); delay(1000); Serial.println("I'm An Arduino Uno!"); delay(1000); Serial.println("I Have An Atmega 328 Processor!"); delay(1000); Serial.println("I Can Do Many Cool Things!"); delay(1000); Serial.println("Like What I'm Doing Right Now!"); delay(1000);


Congratulations. I know your arduino will open a whole new world for you in learning programming and building electronics projects. Be sure to share your progress with us.


I sure will. It's something I love doing is building things. later on I may be able to incorporate it into other stuff. such as monitoring engine temperature oil pressure oil levels and fuel consumption.