arduino is lighting up but won't connect trinket 3v and bluefruit LE 32u4

recently both of my arduinos have stopped connecting to the computer.
My bluefruit 32u4 stopped connecting after uploading the neopixel controller code found here:

it will still connects to my phone, and charges the battery, but it stays connected temporarily then shuts off (WITH NOTHING CONNECTED TO IT, NOT EVEN THE BATTERY). I'm unable to run the program from my phone although it turns the blue light on.

I got it on long enough to wipe the code off it, but now it won't connect AT ALL.
I think i should use the surface mount SWDIO or SWCLK on the back, but there's not clear instructions on how to do that, only what they're there for.

I have connected the rst Pin to the ground, which is how i was able to wipe the code off of it, but now it when i upload a new code, it disconnects from the port when i upload it.

It is directly plugged into my computer, and i have tried multiple computers, including Mac.

My trinket won't even show up on the port list, although it lights up as if it's working as well.
I was running the strand test on it when it stopped working.

they both make the sound like they're connectd but won't work.

I have tried Arduino IDE 1.6.13 and 1.7.11

My trinket won’t even show up on the port list

Trinkets don’t ever show up on the port list, they work differently than standard Arduino Boards. See Introduction | Introducing Trinket | Adafruit Learning System for more information.