Arduino is not recognized!

I bought me a arduino but I didnt have a usb cable for it so I spliced the usb wires to red to Vin black to ground and white to Tx and Green to Rx. The arduino powers on and my computer notices it is connected then gives me a message. USB device not recognized I tried manually forcing the drivers but then It said device will not start. Is there any way to get this to work or should I wait until I get a Usb cable for it?

Post a link to where you bought the board from or failing that a picture of your actual board.

Hi Nasalover64,

Id recommend simply buying the correct cable and trying again.


Isnt the problem obvious? USB cannot connect to Rx and Tx, it has to be converted to that logic. This is why an UNO has a small microcontroller (Atmel Mega8U2) that converts USB to RX and TX, or you are using an FTDI, or CH340G on cheap EBay knockoffs.

If you are going to connect it to the UNO, connect the Green and White to the USB jack itself (good luck with that)