Arduino is too darn big

Every time I play with Arduino I wish it was smaller. Proto boards have been the same size forever.

Arduino boards should be postage-stamp size or smaller. Yet remain compatible with proto boards by virtue of some new, tiny connectors, perhaps 1/4th or even 1/8th the size of the current (0.1 inch) monsters, that fan out to fit the old stuff. Via ribbon, or whatever ... Then, once you build something you simply wire it together more permanently and stuff it in a tiny box where it belongs. Proto becomes product.

The electronic world keeps getting smaller, while supposedly tiny Ardiuno appears larger every year in comparison.

It does not makes sense to make a prototyping board smaller, you can test shields and things comfortably. Then you can use just the bare atmega if you want, or a nano, etc.

I totally agree with eried.

No matter how small the chips are, my fingers stay the same size.
For playing and prototyping it has to have a reasonable size to make it sturdy and easy to handle.

When you want “small” for the more permanent use, use one of the smaller boards made for the purpose, or use a stand-alone chip like an ATTiny.

What about the Micro:-

How about an ardweeny then - chip sized all the time.