Arduino ISP and ATtiny 45-20

Hello all, I like to program a ATtiny 45-20 chip via Arduino ISP and Arduino IDE. The hardware setup is :

Arduino ATTiny 45 + 5V 8 GND 4 pin 10 1 pin 11 5 pin 12 6 pin 13 7

I placed the new ATTiny cores in the Arduino 022/hardware folder I used the ATtiny45 via Arduino ISP option and compiling is OK

But sending to MCU stops , sending message unknown MCU You can ignore by using -F option.

Anyone knows how to solve this ?

Thanks in advange

André Koopman

Compiling is not a problem

Ok I was a little bit to fast! There is some info on how to program the ATtiny25 on the web and this forum. I managed to load the blink sketch into the ATtiny25 with ArduinoISP !!!

I added to board.txt the following lines:

But one thing is still a question, is the right way to tell the compiler to run the ATtiny25 on 8 Mc on his internal oscilator? Or have I add lines for low and high_fuses?

attiny25.bootloader.extended fuses=0xFF

pse any advice!


f_cpu tells the compiler to compile the code for a specific processor speed (so that timings in the code are correct), but does not tell the micro itself to run at a specific speed. The fuse bits are what tells the micro what speed to run at.

Jraskell, thanks for the information. I will look at the datasheet to learn how to use the fusebits!

No need to monkey with the fuses. Just switch to a different core and execute Tools / Burn Bootloader...,8878.0.html