Arduino ISP board able to use for serial monitor?

Hey all,

I built a standalone using atmega328p-au and I'm using the Arduino ISP board for programming. I'm pulling my hair out to try and understand if the ISP board is able to relay back to the serial monitor. Can it do it or is it not setup to do that?

Thanks in advance!

Can it do it or is it not setup to do that?

No, it is not set up for that.

You need to get a couple of the USB to TTL converter modules available from China for a dollar or so. If you do not propose to use the bootloader function, the cheapest ones - 5 pin - will do just fine. Note the need to connect ground (of course!) and connect TX to RX and vice versa.

No you cant because there is no access to tx rx pins for what I saw in the products photo.
A cheap solution is buying an FTDI breakout.

Thanks all!