Arduino ISP for Standalone Arduino Setup not working

Hello everyone,
Recently i’ve purchased an Arduino Uno board and it works perfectly. Now i made a Standalone Arduino using ATMega328 PU, 16MHZ crystal, .01uf capacitor,reset button and some more headers. Now my problem is i need to know how to upload the program from Arduino Sketchbook to my Standalone Arduino. Don’t worry about the Bootloader process, it is already having Arduino Uno Bootloader in it. I just need to know the way to Program my Standalone Arduino using the Arduino UNO board i have.

Thank you

Are you saying that you are having trouble uploading to your ‘Standalone’ using Arduino as ISP?

Yes, i need to know how to program my Standalone Arduino(with optiboot UNO bootloader) using my Arduino Uno R3 Board

1.) you can use an FTDI cable... (purchased) 2.) you can MAKE an 'FTDI cable' from a cell phone data cable.. (although I have found these do NOT have a reset/dtr wire....but you have a reset button on your standalone so it doesnt matter) 3.) you can take your Real Arduino... pop out the Atmega 328 DIP chip... and wire your stand alone circuit up to the board with no chip

Arduino >>> Standalone

RESET >>> DTR RX >>> RX TX >>> TX GND >>> GND 5v+ >>> 5v+

if you have NOT included a DTR set-up with cap...on your standalone board.. you will have to either add that.. or.. hit the reset button, and time it correctly whenever you want to upload a sketch..

example.. (after everything is wired up)..

you open IDE.. set COM PORT.. set BOARD type..

open sketch.. hit upload.. when you see the sketch size text show up at bottom.. I iut reset button quickly..

(this resets the bootloader, so it will look/accept any incoming sketches)

3.) you can take your Real Arduino... pop out the Atmega 328 DIP chip...

Even simpler, connect reset to ground with a jumper wire on your Arduino. I think this is easyer than removing and inserting the chip. Anyhow, this makes your Arduino into a USB/TTL converter

Everything is understood, but where to connect the reset wire from arduino, and wat is DTR?.

This is a good idea of connecting Reset and GND together in board,and do you want me to connect one more wire from Reset of Arduino to ATMag328 reset pin in Breadboard? If so,how to burn the sketch in Standalone Arduino? coz everytime i burn the sketch it gets loaded only in the inbuilt ATMega of UNO board

1.) I have never shorted/bridged the GND & RESET on my Arduino Due 2009.. I have always removed the chip..and treated it as a passive/pass-through type device.. (instead of programming the chip in the Arduino Due 2009. I remove it.. and it uploads the sketch to the blank/custom/standalone board.

If you do NOT have DTR on your standalone circuit.. do as I outline above.. hit the reset BUTTON you have added.. when the text/size at bottom of Arduino IDE displays..

if you are programming the REAL board instead of the blank/standalone.. you dont have things hooked up correctly..

Arduino >>> Standalone

RX >>> RX TX >>> TX GND >>> GND 5v+ >>> 5v+

when you hit upload in the IDE... wait for text/size to display at bottom.. then hit reset button on standalone circuit..

Ok dude, but the issue is , i dont want to remove the ATmega in UnO board everytime i need to program , all i need to do without removing the Chip from the board. Is there any way for it?

you can follow the advice given above.. short the RESET pin to GND..

and then follow the same directions I gave.

What Uno do you have? the DIP style chip? or the SMD version? Im assuming the DIP?..

I would first try it without the chip.. just to ensure everything works from that standpoint.. then try to the jumper from RESET TO GND,99637.0.html,98643.msg752690.html