arduino joystick

Hey guys,

I have a 6 channel rc plane radio and receiver, so i connected it up to the arduino, no problems, sending its data to the computer, no problem,

i have a program called vjoy to emulate a joystick on keypresses, so i connected my rc controller to keypresses, and still no problems.

but now i want to emulate a x and y axis, so i can play games like flight simulator with my rc controller. is there a possibility to emulate that too, i can map it to a keypress, but then i only have 2 states, full and none. but i want it to work like for example an xbox 360 controller, so it can make smooth turns with it, basicly i am in search for something that can emulate a x and y axis of a controller

sorry for my bad english, its kind of hard to explain, maybe somebody can help me with this.

Thanks in advance

Kevin Walter

I don't know of anything specifically off-hand that will work, but I do know such things exist, because flight-simulator enthusiasts use similar software (such as those who build custom mechanical simulators and such). So, you might look down that road. I'm pretty sure that on some flight simulation software, you can interface to the API if you have the programming chops on the PC side of things; perhaps somebody has already made something like that for your software to make it easier - but if not, it should be possible to do with some coding.

Did the joystick HID driver not do what you wanted? It seems it would be perfect - analog x and y plus buttons.