arduino jukebox

Is it possible to integrate an amp onto the arduino to make a mo baddass jukebox?

Anything’s possible…

Likely, easy, practical - not quite the same.

It does not have a powerful amplifier but the shield will let you send audio to a more powerful one.

Because it eats up a lot of storage you may want to get the bigger atmel chip the atmel328 which has more flash and ram if you want to do anything complex.

If you get that working then consider the arduino mega which has plenty of flash and ram and which can run an external audio processing chip for better sound.

Thanks guys, I didn't know it was that slow just got it the other day and for school and was going to turn up the volume so to say. It's already bought so I can't buy a new one unless I fork out the money. I'll see what I can do and if it rocks i'll update around here. I really do appreciate the replies.