Arduino keeps disconnecting and reconnecting (NO POWER ISSUES)

I've made a quick program to test out if both 1306 OLED and the DS3231 can run at the sametime. When I finished making the program I noticed that I was running very low on memory. After I uploaded this program the arduino was working fine. So I came back to it after about 2 weeks and started the arduino and I noticed it was working again. I decided to install an updated version of my code, but the arduino keeps disconnecting and reconnecting after I attempted to upload it.

Long story short, I think my is broken, but if anyone knows why this happened please reply!

if anyone knows why this happened please reply!

How would anyone know what happened? You gave ZERO details about what you actually did to it. Maybe there’s an issue with your code. Maybe you have a wiring problem. Maybe your board is broken. Maybe it is just overloaded. There are so many things that you could have screwed up. But you gave us nothing to work with. So what do you want us to do? Just guess?