Arduino keeps turning off when ever my ground and 5v is on

I am fairly new to arduino and have a problem where every time I put my 5v and ground in at the same time arduino light turn off and my computer gives me and error saying usb accessors disabled because it is taking to much power What should I do?

Never short circuit 5V and GND ! !

Why did you have to do that?
It destroys the your Arduino or USB port on the PC.

I mean I put the ground in the ground port and the 5v in the 5v port on the arduino

I can't imagine what you're trying to do.

What purpose did you try to do it?
Where are you going to connect the that 5V and GND?

Is it possible to upload a photo of doing so that, but without connecting to the USB of the PC.

If this is an UNO do not connect a 5V external power supply into the Arduino 5V pin if the UNO USB connector is plug in to the PC.

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Adding to @LarryD's reply

Or a Mega or a Leonardo. The only one that I'm aware of (there might be more) where it's safe to do so is the Nano.

Wrong use of breadboard!

This is connected like this;

Perhaps you are shorting some output to GND.

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Oh that was the problem it now works. Thanks so much! I am really grateful to you!

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