arduino kicad components

i want to move my project to an enclosure, and will be soldering all the components on a PCB zero.
i will be using kicad to design the schematics and PCB board. however i'm having trouble to find the components for kicad.
can someone point me a library where i can download some common arduino components.

note: in my project i'm using: esp32 devkit v1, ds3231, 4 channel relay and microsd

I don’t think many use Kicad . With a lot of packages you will have problems getting layouts for things like relay boards , ds3231 breakout etc .
If you can’t find a board just layout the connection points with vias , and use a few text —— to layout the shape .

There is always the option of making your own component definitions it is not hard.

Do you mean this ESP32 Dev kit 1 pin out??

When I used a similar ESP8266 based board and wanted to put it on a PCB all I did was use 2 single row connectors side by side the appropriate distance apart so they align with the pins of the board. No need to create any new components in Kicad.

Could be worth asking the same question in the Kicad support forums.