Arduino Kit

Hey guys, I already have the Arduino Inventor’s Kit and the Basic Stamp Homework Kit. I have to say I’m more confident with the performance of the Arduino, but I really want to buy a more advance kit like the stampworks kit…I was wondering is there such a kit from Arduino or any other microcontroller bran ?

To get useful advice, you need to give potential advisors a more-detailed picture of your background (mostly how much you know about electronics in general, and microprocessors in particular), and what sorts of things you want to do with an Arduino/other board. E.g., there are many “Arduinistas” who have a lot of experience writing PC software, but know little/nothing about hardware, and got started with the Arduino to learn about “low-level” programming and hardware. Some are electronics experts who want to learn about software. Some are artists who know nothing about hardware or software, and just want to learn a minimum so they can make their sculptures move, or their stage lights blink in fancy ways. Each person has different needs.

I know that Lady Ada has some kits oriented toward specific areas, like motor control and analog measurement. However, while I generally like and recommend her products, I’m not too thrilled with her motor controller: it’s well-made, a good deal on price, and exceptionally well documented, but it uses up a lot of the Arduino’s pins. If motor control is on your list, get some suggestions from people who’ve used controllers like those from Pololu that use fewer pins and/or can run very heavy-duty motors.

Well, I’m a fifth year computer engineering student (Puerto Rico, not based on 4yr college).

Honestly I’m seeking something educational and fun, I had quite the bit of fun with the homework board, but the Duamilanove proved to be stronger, a couple of friends and me did a line follower with it, and also a ballonsat. I’m looking for something that has many applications, the stampwork looks awesome but I’m afraid that it may be underpowered, like lets say the homework board in comparison with the duamilanove. Obviously I may be wrong, but thats where I’m asking help for.

I have a budget of around $300 which is good enough for the stamp works or anything else that you guys may recommend along those lines?

Any help ?

I am trying to get a unique kit together to sell in my store. What parts are you looking for? I wouldn’t mind building a custom kit around your specifications and budget.

It looks to me like the stampworks kit contains a bunch of things that you probably already have. You might consider getting the parallax educational parts+text kits and make them work on both your existing stamp and Arudino.

Currently, parallax offers a bunch of educational material aimed at “microcontroller education”, while Arduino material is more aimed at “doing things without microcontroller education.” I don’t think anyone has the sort of kit+instructions that you are looking for to go with arduino; you can either put together similar collections of parts and experiment on your own, or use the parallax kits…

Figuring out how to follow the parallax educational texts using arduino hardware is likely to be VERY educational!