Arduino Kits ( Sensors, servos, shields etc)

Hey Mates,

I wanna ask if we can use arduino kits ( servos, shields or anything else) on any version of arduino such that Mega, YUN, UNO? Does it work this way? Also therre are many Boards similar to Arduino or copy of arduino, can we use their kits on official Arduino Board ? Wil it work?

Im new in arduino :) Please help ! Thanks is Advancee :)

All the arduino "clones" (barring quality control issues, which are a problem with the lowest tier ones) will work for simple stuff.

Main differences between a clone and official:

  • Official boards kickback money to Arduino to support the project, clones don't.
  • Clone Uno's and Mega's don't usually use the 16u2 for serial interface. The 16u2 can be reprogrammed for advanced functionality like pretending to be a keyboard or mouse.
  • Cheapest of the clones often have quality control issues or design errors; they're not recommended for beginners for that reason.
  • They're between 2 and 10 times cheaper than the official boards.

Shields: * Everything works with the Uno unless it says otherwise. * Most things work on the Mega * A lot of things don't work on the Due

Non-shield sensors, modules, etc should work with anything (though the Due requires more work to use with many 5V sensors)

The most common board to start with is the Uno - that's where a lot of us started, and it's the best known and the most has been written for it. It's common to use clones after a project is working on a "nice" board, when you want to button up your project and use the nice board for the next project.

Thank you so much big man :D

there are a few plug-in shields for the UNO and UNO clones. makes life a lot easier when you have a board you can plug in.

as was noted, there are lots and lots of devices on boards that work with any micro. one thing you will benefit by the jumper cables. I would recommend you get a set of female-female, a set of male-male, and a set of male/male that have various lengths.

many of the simple boards you can buy will have pins that can be connected with the female jumper.

if you have a 12 VDC wall wart, then great, if no, you might want to get one for some of the relays and such.