Arduino knock and servo coding

Can anybody halo me for a code where when i knock a piezo once it would turn 90 degrees when knock twice it would turn 90 degree the other way. It would be a great help. Thank you!!!

You posted in the wrong section mate :wink: That's where Gigs and Collaborations is for. but don't start a new topic just yet! This one will probably get moved.

Ow, and do expect people to get legal tender in return for work like this.

Have you at least got the piezo sensor reading as shown in this example?

(Also available in the IDE at File / Examples / Sensors.)

Then instead of the flag ledState, have a servoState and if it's true go one way, false go the other.

(Instructions unclear though... when you say "knock twice"do you mean one knock for one way and two more quick knocks (knock-knock) for the other? Or do you mean one knock for one way and a second, isolated, knock some time later to go the other way?)

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