Arduino L293D Motor Shield Capacitors Blew From 24V Input

Hello everyone,

I put two 12V Lithium-Ion battery packs in series and then connected it to the Arduino L293D Motor Shield, which then led to the two capacitors, C2 and C8, to blow. The L293D is rated for up to 36V, and I was only supplying 24V, however, somehow it still resulted in the capacitors blowing up. It was mounted onto the Arduino Uno at the time as well. If anyone has any ideas or explanation for why it blew that would be appreciated.

The same clone board I have has a 16V capacitor.
And the seller I bought was explains to use it up to 12V.
What was the rating voltage of the capacitor on the board you got?
The IC data sheet is not the only factor that determines the maximum voltage on the board.
Limited by the lowest rated voltage of all components on the board.

You are not the first one it happened to (do a search).
The caps on a V1 L293D motor shield are rated for 16volt.
Just clean the board, if needed, and replace the caps for 25volt or 35volt types, and Bob's your uncle.
Usually nothing else blown.

Nevermind, I found out the L293D is equipped with 15V/100uF capacitors, so I have to upgrade them to 36V/100uF.

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