Arduino/LabView doesn´t work

I´m trying to control Arduino with LabView. I have Arduino Uno, Labview 2014 32bit, and the PC is Windows 10 64bit. I have installed VI Package Manager and NI-VISA 2017 drivers.
When I upload the LIFA_BASE code, the upload is done but the console gives some warnings.
But, when I run any example in LabView, nothing happens… I try, for example, to turn on a led with the blink example, and the led is always off...
What could be happened? Are this drivers good for this LabView?
Thank you for your attention and please help me!!

Arduino with LabVIEW most certainly work.
I have it.
And I don't even use LIFA or its successor LINX.

In my case, with LIFA, doesn´t work.
When I use it without LIFA, it works, but it´s very difficult to me because I´m a beginner, so I prefer use LIFA.

LIFA is depracated.
LINX is the successor.