arduino + labview SPI interface

i m trying to interface arduino uno and labview....
i developed the block diagram... the baud rate i m using is (38400)... i m trying to read a register of cc1101 that has 1 byte value (for example 0x74)...
i m using SPI mode 0 and clock dividor of 4....

i get an error "
Error 5005 occurred at Unable to find Arduino. Please make sure the Arduino is connected to your system and that the Arduino drivers are installed."

my arduino is being detected successfully.... i ve drivers updated.... cant figure out the issue....... can any 1 help plxxx?

here is the block diagram i made

arduino_labview (544 KB)

I found out that the baud rate should be 115200, it finds the arduino this way. I think the firmware is set to run at this rate.