Arduino & Labview

I found out that the arduino can be programmed through labview, and I currently want to use a timer to make the arduino do its job at a specific date & time, so my question is: Is there a way for me to control the date and time through an input made in the computer in a labview application? What I want to do is have an input dialog box for the user to input the day, another one for the month, another one for the year, another one for the hour, another one for the minutes, and finally another one for the seconds, I almost forgot to mention that I want it to be a 12 hour clock, so I would need one input to specify if its AM or PM. Thanks in advance!

Wow! I'd almost forgotten about labview. I last used it in 1993 just before I retired. What a fantastic program!

If you can program arduino through labview, you must also be able to communicate over a serial port. Let labview worry about the actual time and calculate the number of miiliseconds in the future at which you want the arduino to do its stuff. Send that number to the arduino and it should be able to start at the exact point in time just by monitoring millis(). You may have to extend millis() readings if your time intervals are greater than the 50 (approx) day turnover to which millis() is subject. Ie., watch for the turnover and increment an extra byte.

The Arduino/LabView communication is simple serial port stuff. Simply create a vi in LabView that uses Visa for serial port communication. Come up with a protocol (format) for messages back and forth and write your programs -- use LabView on the PC side and the Arduino IDE on the other side.

You don't actually write Arduino programs with LabView.

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