Arduino Language Name Alternative

I have a suggestion for the naming of the Arduino language. Since it is clearly based on the original C language for computers, the more modern C++, the higher-prestige B++ ('B' for 'Borland', a newer version of C++) and the online Internet-based J++ (Java, another more recent, newer application platform,) the compiling and execution Arduino language may be abbreviated as "A++".

So I suggest A++ as the short version of the naming of the Arduino microcontroller programming language. A++ is hereby Arduino for short.

Since the C language's release there has been over the years programming languages for gaming. Mark Overmars' Game Maker coding language, like Arduino, is based on C and C++, known by the Game Maker community as "GML." Arduino, in my opinion is rather like an Italian "GML" language. Overmars' GML language and Arduino have similar aims in the gaming world. But while Game Maker, which its latest software is GM Studio, is mostly about traditional, classic PC gaming for programming on your computer, Arduino does Game Maker in a much different gaming aim. Instead of programming games and applications for PC, Arduino is conceived for programming microcontrollers, though for similar purposes for gaming Game Maker would for your home-brew games for your computer!

Not sure about that, but the term 'blink without delay' needs a name change for sure.

'B' for 'Borland', a newer version of C++)

I doubted that, and so i had a peek at the opinions at wikipedia.
Borland is (or was) a software house that was known for their compilers, Turbo Pascal (or should that be P++ nowadays ?) must have been the most well known which evolved later to Delphi.

Wikipedia's opinion is that the B in B++ was inherited from Bell labs' derivation of BCPL, which is described as a total different language from C.

My opinion is that there is no A++.
The Arduino programming language is C with an extra shell.

My opinion is that there is no A++.

I'll ++ that.


I have a suggestion for the naming of the Arduino language.

Why not use C++ because that is what it is.

There is no "Arduino Language" that needs a name.

The language Arduino uses have no essential difference from C language. Arduino IDE simplifies the development by encapsulate the underlying hardware details. So I am afraid that another name is unnecessary.

The Arduino language is based on C/C++. It links against AVR Libc and allows the use of any of its functions; see its user manual for details.

This should be rewritten so that nobody gets the idea there were such a thing like "The Arduino language".

Of course the goal is to get people write "sketches" by giving them some little hints about curly braces and such,
instead of threatening them with "Get a good C++ background first, then read here why you should not use most of it. (Forget exceptions and better don't use String objects) "