Arduino LCD(Adafruit ILI9340) Menu with up/down/select button with 2 layers?

Hey guys, I’m new here.

So I want to build a machine that makes you a shot. I want to place 20 bottles in the back of the machine, it should be controlled with a LCD display and three buttons. I searched on YT and found a good video.
I want to realise it with peristaltic pumps, which are controlled with L298N DC motor controllers, but that’s not part of my question. I simply want the menu to work.

When you watch the video, you’ll understand my code.

The video contains how to build a simple menu, but I wondered how I can make a menu with 2 layer, for example : When you click on a specific menu item, you come in a new menu, where you can select more things.

I tried to code that with bool statements and so on, but even after checking the code for problems few times, I couldn’t find out… I tried two ways, but it didn’t work, so could you give me some tips? or an example that could work?

I’m thankful for every help! :slight_smile:

code.txt (21 KB)

When you watch the video, you'll understand my code.

I'm not going to waste my time watching a video (which will lead to watching 27 more). You tell us what the code is supposed to do, and what it actually does, and how they differ.

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look over the attached zip.

It’s code for table driven menus. menu.h/cpp contain the menu functions. menus.h/cpp contain the menu tables. menuUpdt.cpp the function called to update the menu. The variable is references are in a separate file not included.

this code is targeted toward changing parameters and supports editing numeric values and ascii strings which i doubt interests you.

somewhat awkwardly, those changes are monitored by other code that compare new and old paramters.

the code does not currently support selecting/performing some action but i believe new menu type, T_t, could be added to do so. (4.37 KB)

Thanks a lot!
I will try that out.