Arduino LCD Alerts - A plugin for Pidgin

Arduino LCD Alerts is a plugin for Pidgin so you can see what's happening while watching full screen movies or playing games and decide whether it's worth stopping to respond to or not. At the moment it's fairly basic, but there's a chance I might not update it much more since it pretty much does everything I need, so here it is for anyone to do whatever they want to.

The link below is the site with instructions on using it and a download link. This was written on Windows so you'll have to change which library the plugin uses and the serial port if you're wanting to run it on Linux. Just be aware that you can't have the plugin loaded without having an Arduino hooked up to your computer and for some reason you need to re-flash the sketch to your Arduino after unplugging it.

The requirements are Pidgin, an Arduino and 16x2 LCD using the LCD4Bit library.


fascinating. I was thinking of the reverse. If the arduino was to send data to the serial port, the arduino+pidgen would send it out the IM client.

That would allow someone on the IM channel to see arduino output. For example, I could monitor my arduino with my PDA while in another city.

For completeness, if the channel has data starting with "/", send that data to the arduino. That means normal messages do not go to the arduino but /A would send an "A" to the arduino. /? could send the status of the pins... etc.

It would give you truly remote monitoring in a safe way if pidgen only responded to your buddy lists.

ps: nice work That would make an interesting remote control for the arduino.