arduino LCD auto new line

I am building this project:
And now i was wondering, Is it possible to auto create a new line when the current line is full?
because the rss feed has long lines, which don’t fit on one line, but does on two lines.

I am using this feed:

I also have another problem.
When i try to connect to the feed, it says 403 forbidden.
but i can access it trough my browser.

I Included the python and arduino file!

RSS_Feed_Code.ino (3.5 KB) (1.82 KB)

Can you just include a counter to keep track of how many characters have been read in and then set the cursor to line 2 in the display?

Switch libraries.
Use “LiquidCrystalFast” from here:
You need to fix a couple of bugs.
I atttached my version which has the bugs fixed.
— bill (31.1 KB)

Wow thnx!
But im autistic, can you give me detailed instructions of how to do this?
and do i need other components?

install the library using the IDE.
[Sketch]->[Import Library...]->[Add Library...]

Then use LiquidCrystalFast instead of LiquidCrystal.
See the included examples for examples.
The wiring, constructors, and API functions are the same as the LiquidCrystal library.

You can use the zip I provided if you want the library with my fixes in it.

--- bill

wow, thnx for the fast reply and understanding XD