arduino lcd buttons?

Hi I have made arduino based clapper led device, when it hears certain noise it turns on the led.

The noise value/range been hard-coded wondering would it be possible to have it as volume control to lower or higher the threshold? even tho it is hard-coded? and having lcd to view the current value? thanks

Yes no problem doing that. Use a pot, read the value and use that value to set the threshold. Print the threshold to the LCD

Thanks - what is pot? could you please link me ?

How can i code this to be 'dynamic'? because at the moment I'm having something like: if value >400 { flash

A pot

Every place you have a constant that is a fixed number, you can put a variable. You can read the value of a pot into a variable.

See some of the example code in the IDE under the examples menu in the file menu.