Arduino LCD Voltmeter with 4 Channels on Mega 2560 w/TFT 2.8

OK, I am as lost as goose in a hail storm. I have a Mega 2560, with a Seeeduino TFT 2.8. I am trying to get the Four channel LCD voltmeter : to work on my setup. I would be happy if I could just get a single channel. Does anyone already have a sketch that works.

Also do not understand why screens are in protrait and not landscape.

Brg, Richard

That sketch is for a cheap LCD display of 16 charecters wide and 2 rows high. You have to find a good library for your display and run a few tests with your display, to see that you can make ik do what you want.

Can you print the four voltages to the serial monitor ? To check if the resistors and analog inputs okay.