Arduino Learning Route/Method


I'm curious, how did other people learn their Arduino skills? Like did you already have a project in mind and learn how to make it work using only the relevant information, or did you go through a guide (e.g. I got the Sainsmart R3 guide with the kit I bought) and then start your projects based on the stuff you learnt how to do?

Am finding it getting tedious going through the guide and learning about stuff I don't really have any use for at the moment, but then I am finding it hard to wrap my head around some of the latter stuff (e.g. led matrix'/multiplexing).

What learning routes have you guy's employed that have proved to be successful in your Arduino journey's?


I learn better when I have a specific goal in mind -- a chicken coop controller, air conditioner controller, sumo robot, etc. As you say, it's difficult/frustrating to "learn" stuff that you don't have a particular need for at the moment.