Arduino LED Array + PCB design help.

I want to create an LED array for my Daft Punk helmet project similar to the one by Volpin. I will post a link down below.

But I did not realize the steep learning curve I have and the lack of time. I just ordered my arduino, so as you can imagine I need some big help. If anyone is interested in working the code and the PCB layout let me know. Getting some compensation for your work/help is an option. For those that like a fun project and get some $ while at it, let me know. Drop me a line.

I know he's using Arduino and he used 4 shift registers to get 32 independent channels. This would have been a project I would have tackled when I was single. Now with wife and 2 kids, it's just not possible. If I continue on my own, my wife would be >:( and my kids will keep stealing my resistors.

Here’s what I’m trying to do.

and my kids will keep stealing my resistors

Well that's different...