arduino led matrix problem

hello everyone i have arduino diecimila. I tried build my own led matrix with super bright leds. i used max7219 for the matrix i think i connect everything good. but the led are allways on. they dont blink even when i press reset on arduino. i used the program what i have to change in the program to make it work with leds? is there any video to show me how can i build led matrix with super bright leds? or can anyone upload a video like that? (i want to do this because i need bigger matrix more than 100x100 mm for the 8x8 led matrix) as you notice i am new with arduino and no expert on electronics. :-[

thank you and sorry for my english


some users reported similar problems and in the end the leds where wired the wrong way. Anode and Cathode were inversed. Could you check that again ?

If everything is wired correctly you could try one of the other libraries mentioned on page


the end of the matrix seems ok but when i remove the ground from the arduino comming from max7219 my matrix flash like the delay on the program but all leds together. what it could hapend if my max 7219 was burned? it will stop working sending no power to the matrix leds? or something like turn on all the leds having no controll on the matrix?

thenk you for helping me