Arduino led on and off program using hc05 bluetooth module doesn't work.

I have tried to connect my arduino with hc-05, and run a simple 'LED on and off' program. When I disconnected the rx and tx pins and tried sending the commands using serial monitor in arduino, it worked perfectly alright. But when I connected the rx and tx pins of hc-05 bluetooth module, and used the Bluetooth terminal app from playstore to send and recieve commands, whatever I send doesn't get recieved the same, instead I get weird characters on my serial monitor. Someone please help me solve this. I have included the arduino code and the screen shots of the serial monitor and the app.

char junk;
String inputString="";

void setup()
pinMode(13, OUTPUT);

void loop()
      char inChar = (char);
      inputString += inChar;
    while (Serial.available() > 0)  
    { junk = ; }
    if(inputString == "a"){ 
      digitalWrite(13, HIGH);  
    }else if(inputString == "b"){  
      digitalWrite(13, LOW);
    inputString = "";

You can not use the same serial port to do serial printing and to talk to the bluetooth device at the same time.

Use other pins for the bluetooth device perhaps with software serial.

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Ya sorry about the CROSS POST.
I don't understand how you are asking me to change the pin. Please send me the modified code. Thanks in advance.

Please send me the modified code.

Hey that is not how things work round here. Did you read that link?

If you want some one to write or modify the code for you then post in the gigs and collaborations section and be prepared to pay.

I don't understand how you are asking me to change the pin.

Then you ask what you don't understand about my reply.

No thanks. I figured out the problem. It's with the varying baud rate.