Arduino LED(red,blue,green) output to

Hi everyone. I'm planning to make a interface for my simple water indicator with 3 sensor and 3 led's as output. How will I make the 3 LED output show in like in this video but withour those buttons on video . Thank you.

The easiest way of communicate the PC with Arduino is over USB cable or FTDI USB cable.

For sending those commands, you must define some communication protocol, for example, one that uses single characters (which is the common way).

This protocol must be implemented on the Arduino. (See man pages for Serial object of Arduino).

Also you must implement that protocol on the PC, by the VB.Net language. See COM port communication on Windows, with VB.Net.

That will be an example of Arduino's code:

void setup() {

void loop() {
 if (Serial.available() > 0) {
  switch( {
   case 'S': // switch on all LEDs
    // your code for switching LEDs

Hope that helps.

If you need more info, google something like: switching LEDs with Arduino and PC.

Do you know some VB.Net?

Thanks for your help :) I know a little about but its very minimal xD

Look at the Arduino code at I implemented it on my Arduino Uno.

The author goes a bit overboard with the C# code, so I simplified it so that the information sent back by the Arduino are placed in a simple textbox.

Can be converted to VB.NET


Also look at I haven't tried it myself.