Arduino LED/SMD 12v battery monitor


I'm looking to see if its possible to have the arduino menitor a 12v battery, and have the level of the battery show on a SMD strip.

I'm doing a project that I'm making a full life size version of the Wall-E robot, and I'm trying to make the panel that on the front of the robot that showed the battery level. I will be powering the wall-e with a 2-12 volt battery.

For each level there will be 5-8 SMD's strip.

This will be my first full program that I would do on the arduino, well project wise. Because I'v been messing with it with little things.

Please let me know, thanks guys

yes. you can measure voltage with arduino analog in. make a voltage devider feeding 1/3 of battery voltage to analog pin Then software takes care of leds (display) Resistors can be e.g. 10k and 4.7k ..or