Arduino LED strip project with gaming mode

Hello to all ,

I made a new Arduino project.
It is based on an RGB led strip controlled with an application for windows created on visual
It has these functions :

1 : Normal light with : blue color, red color, green color, and white color
2 : Flashing light (you decide the color)
3 : Flashing light and changing colors
You can decide the flashing speed from 1 to 10.
4 : Gaming mode : a light color turns on when you press a key on a game (for example you press the shoot key and red lights will turn on, or you press the "sword" key and blue lights turn on). You can assign keys with a color.
5 : Time mode : You decide when the LED strip will light up and when It will light off.

See the image of the software here :
The video is here : - YouTube

I really LOVE Arduino, I have created lots of project but this one is the last.