Arduino - Leduino - Dcc NMRA support

Hi everyone,
i'm interested in building a "system" which by i can control train throu standard DCC NMRA. I read about project LEDuino, but it seem "died". No code, no PCB, neither an example.
Is there someone who have news about LEDuino?

The LEDuino is far from dead. One reason you haven't heard much from us is that we have been busy building and selling the little guys.

We have some code for DCC support, we have DCC decoder code running now. But it is not yet in Arduino library form. As soon as we have something you can download I will post here again.


Good news!
In the meatime i wrote some line of code for arduino. Just the basic command, nothing more. I'm waiting for components to realize a booster..

See you.

Guys, where can i found sketches for DCC encoding/decoding?


Which circuit are you using for your booster?

Arduino section


I am glad to hear that the LEDuino is still alive.

I have been watching the web site for over a year and have not seen any indication that it is. There is a link to an ebay store that is defunct. Is there a different web site we should be lookint at?