Arduino Leo and Xbee Shield Problems

Hi everyone,

I have two arduino leos with the arduino xbee shields and two series 1 xbee pro radios. I have followed the instructions here: to the word but Icannot get the last example to work. I have restored the xbees to default with a Serial high and low of 0. I remove all the jumpers ton the xbee shield to program the arduino then place the jumpers back on the xbee side when it has uploaded the sketch. I still have no luck, I can see the letters H and L being sent on the serial monitor for the transmitter but nothing is received on the receiver.

When I connect the xbees to XCTU using this method I can send info through the terminal in XCTU. I cannot get them to work with the arduino.

Does anyone have any ideas?


Just a thought, is there some additional configuration that I need to make to the xbees or is it to do with the arduino setup. This is really got me stumped.


Anyone?? Please could someone shed a little light on the situation. I think I may just bur some UNO boards if I don’t hear anything back.