Arduino Leonardo and forcefeedback

Hi all

i'm trying to use an Arduino Leonardo as controller for my diy steering wheel with force feedback. I have changed HID descriptor in HID.cpp and USBAPI.h and now the arduino is recognized as joypad with all the buttons and axis i want. I have now the problem to make the arduino to be recognized as a force feedback capable device. I have also a fanatec and a logitech steering wheels and both add this keys in windows registry during driver installation :


( XXXX and YYYY are vendor and product id )

under effects are inserted some keys, that define the type of force ( contant value, ramp, square wave, sine wave, etc... ) the steering wheel can do. It's not a problem to write the code pwm of the motor to play ramp, square wave etc... , the problem is to make arduino recognized as ffb capable device and intercept this values. I have found this doc :

but programming under windows is beyond my limits. For the first problem is enough to write correct keys in registry ?

Someone with more skills than me can explain how it can be done ? Thank you !

Did you managed it? Having the same problem atm :)