Arduino Leonardo and NRF24L01

Hello to everybody,

i’m writing this post because i want to solve with you a strange problem.
I bought:

  • a arduino yun
  • a arduino leonardo
  • 2 NRF24L01

in order to make a wireless comunication.
I use a simple skecth from Mirf library or RF24 library to test the module and a strange beavior comes out.

Case 1: Leonardo TX - Yun RX

the module on the Leonardo is able to send packet, but it doesn’t receive the ack, while the arduino yun is able to receive (an print on serial monitor) the data;

Case 2: Leonardo RX - Yun TX

the arduino leonardo does not receive any packet; the arduino yun, in turn, sends the data, but does not receive any ack.

I try to swap the module on the two arduino to check who does not work, and i notice that the two module work perfectly, since the one on the Yun receive always the data, while the Leonardo one never work, does not receive ack or does not receive data.

Can you solve my problem?
Why does this beavior come out?

Plese help me, i don’t know what to do.

PS. Connections for both the arduinos:

  • MOSI - MISO - SCK - GND on the ICSP header
  • CE on digital pin 9
  • CSN on digital pin 10
  • VCC on 3.3V pin (also with a 10uF electolitic cap)