Arduino Leonardo and SIM908 can't communiacte

Hi everybody, I really need some help, because I can't manage to communicate SIM908 with Leonardo board. With this library: I got the following message by serial: DB:NO RESP ERROR: SIM900 doesn't answer. Check power and serial pins in GSM.cpp


I think the problem is with the RX TX communication. Leonrado have 0,1 RX,TX pins so I set it in . THe modul is working, LED's blinking shows me the connectoin to network. But it isn't working.

Please help me, i really don't get what the problem is. :~

In GSM_Shield.cpp replace the line

NewSoftSerial mySerial(4, 5);  //rx, tx


#define mySerial Serial1

to use the internal hardware serial interface of the Leonardo instead of the rather limited SoftwareSerial emulation they hardwired into the library.

Thanks, but i don't find GSM_Shield.cpp in the GSM module library. GSM.cpp: //De-comment this two lines below if you have the //first version of GSM GPRS Shield //#define GSM_TXPIN 4 //#define GSM_RXPIN 5

//De-comment this two lines below if you have the //second version og GSM GPRS Shield

define GSM_TXPIN 2

define GSM_RXPIN 3

How i set hardware serial in this?

In this case you don't use the library you linked to. There is a GSM_Shield.cpp but no GSM.cpp.

Hold on, I found it, you downloaded the ZIP from the download area. In the repository there is completely different code, this project is quite a mess. Which exact version do you use? Please provide a link to the ZIP you downloaded.

Ii tried the alpha and the betas too, but i found the problem. the library only communicate 2,3 pins. but my leonardo board can't get Rx throw pin 2, only 8-12 pins. in library i define other pins to communicate, but there is no change, it also communicate via 2,3. I ordered a UNO board, and i hope it will work.

I don't know what library can work with this module perfectly. :~

Try to change

#define UNO
//#define MEGA

in GSM.h into

//#define UNO
#define MEGA