Arduino Leonardo as Mouse

Hello there, I'm trying to utilise my Arduino Leonardo as a Mouse (to move the pointer, click buttons, do all that kind of magic stuff).

Problem is: I wasn't aware about issues regarding Mouse.move() and about the fact that it's a relative movement. Buttons and other object to be pressed are obviously in the same position, same absolute pixel all day long so a relative movement is not for me (I'm trying to write a sketch non-screen resolution dependent).

I've already searched through the Internet and through this forum as well and I've found that many people tried to edit the HID.cpp file to add an absolute movement API to their Arduino (like this one:,94140.0.html). I've tried them but they simply don't work: pointer is moving bad and not absolutely at all (probably it depends on the IDE version which was quite older than latest - I'm using 1.0.5-r2).

Another bad issue is that I'm not really an expert of Arduino and I did looked for something like "How Arduino manages mouse api" and similar, but all that I found is just those beautiful and not-that-useful-now API from the Reference.

What am I trying to achieve: I would like to write into the sketch (even hard-coding) the resolution of a given screen [getting these parameters automatically would be awesome but let's go step by step] and a series of positions (the so-called points (x,y)) and I'd like Arduino will move my pointer to those position one after another.

I'm sorry if this is a trivial, already seen, common question.. But I really hope it is so that it will have an easy solution too XD

Thanks a lot in advance to all those who will help here ;)