Arduino leonardo Atmega 32u4 USB VID and PID change for HID keyboard

I have developed a device, that now someone want's to buy, so as the arduino license is saying i have to change VID and PID of the board to my values.

As it is a HID device , that have to print the numbers to the active field in whatever you have opened PC app. Just like barcode scanner, or so.

It would be just fine if I could change the Board name to "Generic HID Device" and VID and PID also to "Generic HID"

For now it does not have to be a specific. I just do not want to violate the licensing if i'll see the device build on arduino leonardo board for example.

I know that someone can say "who will know" but i do care about that.

So can someone tell me or point me to a step by step instructions how to do things and change those VID and PID

And is it necessary to recompile and flash the boot loader, or can it be done somewhere in the code /library/ or by code in sketch ?

I do have USB Basp 2.0 hardware, so if burning boot loader is necessary, no problem, just the info what to do step by step would be superb.

:/ :)