arduino leonardo become a joystick with LUFA ?


I would like to know if there are some tuto on framework Four Walled Cubicle - LUFA (Formerly MyUSB) with an ARDUINO LEONARDO ?

I have looking for on the web this article :

  • Arduino Blog , but the step by step guide go on an error page.

Have you any suggestion ?

My aim is to use the ARDUINO LEONARDO like a tensyduino Teensyduino - Add-on for Arduino IDE to use Teensy USB development board . After to use the LUFA, my ARDUINO can become a mouse, joystick...


Noboby have any ideas ?

Hey buddy, no need to be harsh. That's a valid question to post in this forum. I've been looking into it myself.
If one doesn't want to learn LUFA or the whole USB protocol and someone else has already done a sketch or library then it'd be great.
That is what makes Arduino so awesome, one can think of something and another person has already done something similar so one's ideas can get implemented faster.
We don't need people like you in the forums, go back to programming microcontrollers with assembler if you're such a smartace.