Arduino Leonardo bootloader firmware modification

Hello community,

I am using Arduino Leonardo which have atmega32u4 . I am using it for one of my project. I want to show case the atmega32u4 device as specific name in device manager or in lsusb cmd output.

I previously done the same thing using atmega16u2 Arduino UNO. I successfully did this using DFU-programmer utility. I want to change the display name of the device.

I have made changes in the caterina/descriptor.h and compiled to the new hex file.

I tried same method of programming the bootloader by contacting the RST + GND of the ICSP connector of the board but it does not make any changes as I have seen for atmega16u2

Later I found that atmega32u4 does not support DFU-mode after googling.

anyone here, please help me to solve this out.

thanks in advance!!

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The name you program in bootloader is shown in devicemanager only while the bootloader is running - that is only a short time after reset.
The name shown while your sketch is running is programmed in the usb driver that is included in your sketch.

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yes I got what you saying about. My question is USB device has the descriptor which contains the information such as name, serial ID, VID, PID etc. I want to update the descriptor of the device. With atmega16u2 I did this using DFU mode but atmega32u4 does not support that mode here.

I say the same thing as him, but that's what your sketch does, not the bootloader.
Also, the value set in boards.txt is used when compiling the sketch.

Use an ISP device connected to the ICSP header. I recommend a "USBasp", available online for under $5. Most come with only a 10-pin cable so be sure to get a 10-pin to 6-pin adapter, either included or as a separate purchase.

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