Arduino Leonardo: different behavior on different PCs same parameters

Hello to everyone. I am Paolo, electrical engineer with quite limited software/driver understanding.

Project: My friend and I have a sim racing motion platform, developed according to project "OpenSFX" ( There is a closed software (simfeedback) running on PC, which communicates to Arduino Leonardo (provided closed firmware to be uploaded), which communicates to servo motor drivers. Arduino output towards the motor drivers is a series of pulses burts sent out every 10ms.

Test conditions: My friend and I have the same windows versions, same motion rig, same software running. Slightly different hardware (but same generation intel CPU, same MoBo socket, Same MoBo chip Z370). The test consists on 2 steps: 1) monitoring the COM port traffic through "Device Monitoring Studio" 2) checking arduino output to drivers through oscilloscope

Test results (the issue): My PC: "Device Monitor Studio" shows packets every 16ms. The oscilloscope shows bursts in a timed pattern of 10-20-10-20ms My friend's pc: "Device Monitor Studio" shows packets every 10ms. The oscilloscope shows bursts in a timed pattern of 10ms constant.

What I did so far: 1) Re-Installed windows (3 times, with or without formatting) --> no difference 2) Updated all drivers and Bios --> no difference 3) disabled Windows timing settings (disabled HPET, disabled/enabled dynamictick) --> no difference 4) changed Motherboard (to MSI Z390 Gaming edge) --> no difference 5) changed Arduino (tried original Leonardo and DIYmore Leonardo) --> no difference 6) changed USB cable (normal cable, certified USB2.0 cable) --> no difference

Note: We also have a direct drive steering wheel, communicating via USB towards a Simucube board, and checking that port with Device Monitor Studio, we have exactly the same results, packets sent every 0.5 - 0.6 ms.

I am completely out of any ideas now. Do you have any suggestion on what could be the cause?

Thank you,


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