Arduino Leonardo Error Log on Android KitKat


I have an Arduino Leonardo with keyboard emulation sketch connected to the Android KitKat device. Keyboard emulation is working OK, but when chacking the LogCat of the Android all the time (every some 30 ms) the log is generated with the following data:

128-159/? D/KitKat_RIL_RK_V3.3: device path: /sys/devices/10180000.usb/usb3/3-1/3-1.1/3-1.1:1.0/tty/ttyACM0
128-159/? D/KitKat_RIL_RK_V3.3: [matchModem]: match model count=0
128-159/? E/KitKat_RIL_RK_V3.3: E: Not support modem!!!!

When Arduino is disconnected, it is all OK.

I thing the problem can be solved if there would be a way to disable USB communication on USB port and let Arduino work just as KBD emulator. But don't know how.

Any ideas?

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Other than that you are communicating to an Arduino, I don't see how this is anyway an Android problem.

Go ask an Android forum.