Arduino Leonardo ETH. Cannot set UDP?

Hi intelligent people,

I’m using “Arduino Leonardo ETH” board for my project.
I need to make it receiving UDP messages from the PC.
However, when I try to run the example of UDP communication, it doesn’t work.
More information below:

The Arduino is connected to the PC via micro-usb to load the application and for as a power supply.
The Arduino is connected to the PC (1-1) via Ethernet cable.

Problem description:
I load ‘UDPSendReceiveString’ example from the library ‘Ethernet’. It is supposed to print in SerialMonitor the string which is sent via Ethernet as a UDP message.
However, when I send the string from the PC (I’m using Hercules terminal for this), the string is not printed in SerialMonitor.

The network settings:
Mac: the one specified on the board
Port: 8888

Port: 8888


  1. I don’t use any sd cards.
  2. I downloaded the IDE from yesterday. It shall be up-to-date.
  3. The SerialMonitor seems to be running normally: if I specify Serial.println(“This is a test”), it displays the specified text.
  4. In the network connection settings I see that the message has been sent from the PC, so Hercules terminal seems to work fine.

Do you have an idea why it doesn’t work and how to fix it?
Or maybe somebody faced the same problem?

You should contact the people at Neither the IDE nor that board are from this website.

I know it seems weird, but from what I understand, they are two separate companies. Maybe someone else can fill you in on that.