Arduino Leonardo Failing

Hello there.

Lately I've been having problems with my Arduino Leonardo that I've got for over an year. When I plug it in it detects the bootloader and everything is ok. But when it switches ports I get "device descriptor request failed". Both on windows 8 and windows 7. I have an Uno and a Mega that work just fine so I dont think that the drivers are an issue. The device started to malfunction then after a few restars it worked again gradually didint work anymore.

This is the board I've been using for rapid testing everything that came intro my mind. It is possible that I have pass that 10k write cicles that the EEPROM supports? I didnt have time to try to program it with a programmer yet. Would it be a solution to change the microprocessor on the board?

10000 is a lot ! More likely is a contact faliure/worn out contacts/bad soldering