Arduino Leonardo Keyboard not working

Hello everyone,
I just got my hands on Ar. Leonardo and I was trying to make a keyboard emulator. At first it worked ok, the keyboard was sending correct keystrokes and everything. Only a few problems but it was all in the coding part.

But after a while the Arduino just stopped sending keystrokes. I tried to look for a solution but I couldn't solve this issue. I also tried using Serial.println() and I found out that while programming the Arduino was on COM 6 and it stayed on it even when I uploaded the program. Only when I opened Serial Monitor it switched to COM 5 and started typing. But when I try it with Keyboard.println() it doesn't switch to COM 5. It stays on COM 6 leaving Serial Monitor inactive.

I'm sorry that wrote it this way but I'm a beginner with keyboard emulator. I hope that someone can get me on the right track so that I can understand and solve my problem.

Post your code!

#include "Keyboard.h"
void setup() {

void loop() {

what keyboard ist this?

hyperX alloy fps

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