Arduino Leonardo Maximum Baud Rate [In terms of bits/sec]

Hi all,

I know this topic is written several times but i could not find an exact answer for my question. I just wonder that what is the maximum baud rate for Arduino Leonardo? ATMega32U4 sheet referred that 8 MHz oscillator can be transmit 1Mbps. So, Leonardo is 16 MHz. This means that it can be send data up to 1Mbps easily, is not it? I asked this question because i must send and receive data up to 1Mbps speed in my project and i want to make sure that Leonardo is usable for me. Can you help me? Thanks for your answers.


Let me correct this mistake. I want to send Manchester encoding data. So, it requires 2Mbaud. Can you please help me?

Which Serial port ? The USB Serial or the hardware UART at pin 0 and 1 ?

The 2MBaud seems too high. How much data do you want to transfer ? or are they just small bursts of data ? What should the Leonardo do with such amounts of data ?

What is your project that you need such high baud rate ?